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Endodontics is the science that deals with the identification, investigation and root canal filling. In brief when the pulp is irreversibly affected, it must be removed, requiring classic canal treatment. However often root canal anatomy is unusual, so treatment under the microscope is a must have.

Ideea Dent Implant


This is simply the best therapeutic option because: it is minimally invasive, brief and carries very large benefits .The surgery is an intervention easily tolerated by the patient, as they may continue their daily activities immediately after the procedure. The intervention involves the insertion of a titanium „screw” in the alveolar bone. After the insertion and healing of the bone around the implant, the following step is the attaching of a screw tooth implant.
Denture wearer patients may benefit from treatment with dental implants and can improve their quality of life.
To be able to have implants inserted, you must have healthy gums and a generous bone structure to support implants.


Odontotherapy or rather Restoration Odontotherapy is a branch of dental medicine that deals with the „restoration” ofa tooth structure when it was affected by a caries lesion. In order to prevent the spread of caries process, after which the tooth may have more to suffer, leading sometimes to extraction, we come with state of the art material especially designed for each case.
Alternatively the patient may opt for laser technology which involves cleaning the carious lesion without the drill, without pain, without anesthesia.
Waterlase *iPLUS is No.1 dental laser in the world!

Ideea Dent Albire

It’s simple, when we say prophylaxis one word comes to mind meaning- hygiene. Dental hygiene is very important for maintaining healthy teeth and tissues around them. Besides the cleaning which the patient performs at home (toothbrush, dental floss, interdental brushes, mouthwash) to ensure that periodontal disease or the so called „pariodontitis” does not occur, once every six months it should be intervened with the ultrasonic scalers, this way the present both subgingivaly and supragingivally is reduced. Besides ultrasonic scaling , professional brushing is also performed to smooth surfaces and to prevent dental plaque adhere to their surface.
Sealing is the most effective method of cavities prevention in the teeth of young children. It is a simple, noninvasive intervention, easily accepted by children.


The branch of dentistry that aims to restore masticatory, esthetic, phonetic functions and restoration of the occlusal relationship.
Crowns are an ideal solution for rebuilding a fractured or severely damaged by decay tooth. Dental crowns restore the anatomy and increase tooth strength.

Ideea Dent Protetica

Dentures are created with great care for patients who have lost all or much of their teeth.
Partial dentures are restorations that replace missing teeth, they are leaning on the rest of the teeth using various elements of maintenance and stability (cast hook, flexible, staples, telescopes, magnets).
Total Dentures replace all the teeth; they are mobile and present artificial teeth. The patient must understand that improving the quality of chewing occurs gradually as the prosthesis is worn.
Dentures on implants are more stable systems due to fixation of these implants. This type of prosthesis provides a superior long-term comfort.


Perhaps the most „ignored” side of dentistry by the patient. Because of this, most patients suffering from periodontal disease. Our clinic performs Waterlase laser treatments for periodontal diseases, but also by conventional methods such as supra and subgingival scaling and open / closed curettage.
Periodontal disease is a disease caused by a bacterial infection. Once periodontitis is installed, the adopted treatment methods are very important . Periodontal Laser therapy treatment, which you can find in our clinic, has proved a great success in scientific studies, which will make great improvements and results will be maintained in the long term.
Overall, periodontal treatment steps are:
– Removing plaque and tartar
– Decontamination
– Curettage
– Laser biostimulation